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GLP® Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty Policy

GLP® warrants that all LED fixtures, LED Drivers, power supplies, magnetic transformers, timers, photocells, LED strips, and LED lamps covered under our Warranty Agreement to be free from defects in material when properly installed under normal conditions.

Total extended warranty coverage period shall not extend beyond the following warranty periods, starting from TOC Date/Date of Delivery/Date of Purchase:

  1. 5 Years for Indoor LED Fixtures
  2. 3 Years for Outdoor LED Fixtures
  3. 3 Years for LED Drivers and Electronic Power Supplies
  4. 3 Years for Timers, Photocells and Terminal boards
  5. 3 Years for LED Strip Lights & Tube Lights
  6. 1 Year for LED Filament Lamps
  7. 2 Years for GU10 & GU5.3 Lamps
  8. 5 Years for Magnetic Power Supplies
  9. 5 Years for Fiber Optic Cables & Accessories
  10. 2 Years for Fiber Optic Machines


Warranty is limited and GLP® does not cover damage resulting from:

  1. If any of the above products are installed by unqualified electricians.
  2. If any of the above products are connected to a wrong input voltage.
  3. Improper use of any of the above products such as non‐conformity to standard wiring procedures.
  4. If any of the above products are connected to a driver or power supply not authorized or sold by GLP®.


  1. If the light fixture shows a sign of malfunctioning or defect, please notify GLP® immediately.
  2. GLP® will exclusively determine and conduct testing if the part is repairable or needs to be replaced.
  3. If wiring and installation is performed by GLP® crew, GLP® will cover both labor and parts.